Morning best habits for healthy life

 Daily routine when we follow with some healthy habits it makes our day energetic and happy. To make a day fresh, positive, and energetic. I am introducing you all the easiest and small habits to follow in a day to make a healthy and long-lasting impact on our body and lifestyle we have to follow some tiny but very useful and easy way for long-lasting impact. Ayurveda is the best way.

Ayurveda the science of life is both systematic knowledge and practical wisdom and the art of healthy living that encompasses all phases of life body, mind, and spirit like all sciences it includes both a practical and theoretical aspect.

Morning routine

 1 .Wake up early -Wake up before the sun rises. It's a time when the air is very fresh and you can feel the beauty of nature it also called a Braham muhurta when you wake up at 4 o'clock or a 5 o'clock after you wake up just don't do any action. Just sit calm and rub your hands gently keep your hands on your eyes and then cover your face but to wake up early you must sleep at night early.

2. Say a prayer- It's the best time to pray God the Divine energy works best in the morning so say any God prayer which you like. I suggest saying Sahaj Yog prayers. which are available on the internet just go to

3. Wash your face, mouth, and eyes -Wash your face with room temperature or cold water. Rinse out your mouth then wash your eyes with cool water massage the eyelid by gentle rubbing. Blink eyes 7 times and root your eyes in all directions side to side, up and down, clockwise and anticlockwise.

4 .Drink a glass of water- Lukewarm water a little hot water is the best. If the water is from a copper vessel then it works better. It helps to wash your kidney and bowel movement so one should not start a day with coffee or any kind of tea.

5.Gargle- Mouth clearance you must gargle twice a day with the worm sesame oil or can use coconut oil. Coconut oil is easily available in the market. Sesame Oil is used for antibacterial, highly nourishing properties.
1.Swiss 1 tablespoon of any oil in your mouth for 60 seconds.

(It pull bacteria from your mouth and gums) after it spits oil .wash your mouth with plain water.

5 .Clean your teeth and tongue- Use a soft toothbrush or a herbal powder for cleaning your teeth.

To clean your tongue you may use a stainless steel tongue cleaner. Clean your tongue through the spoon. The tongue should be cleaned the coating should be removed from the tongue.

6. Nose drops- Two drops of ghee camphor is the best or can use sesame oil into each nostril a one drop. It keeps the nostril lubricated, clear the sinuses, improves voice, vision, and mental clarity.

7 .Oil massage- Massage for hairs and body relaxing our body.
Massage prevent headache and graying hair.

Full body massage one can use sesame oil or coconut oil is the best for body massage and for hair massage coconut oil is always preferred.

8. Bathing- Bathing every day need some small activity to prevent many diseases.
1 .Use the water for a bath at the right temperature.
2 .Use any mild soap or use Ubtan for birth.
3 .Use mild shampoo for your hair and then apply the shampoo for washing your hair.

Exercise -Exercise for every day of any kind you can do yoga, cardio, Zumba dance any kind of exercise can do even a simple walk for a two km. As per your choice gives your full body strength and makes you fit.

9.Pranayam- Increases energy also and makes us positive. Do any kind of pranayama. Pranayam has four types. One must do it at least 5 to 6 minutes.

practicing makes easy pranayam. It reduces stress, cultivates heat.

10.Meditation -Meditation makes our mind and soul calm and happy ." Sahajyoga Aaj Ka maha yoga" meditation which I am practicing so I am referring Sahaja yoga is the best for meditation than any kind of meditation. They have great online meditation on

Now you are ready for your daily work. In my next post, I will give in detail information about the everyday meals much more. Thanks for reading and if you like please comment and share.


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