Oranges for healthy immune system,all benefits .


Oranges for our all-round developments benefits and intake nutrition value. 

Oranges contain- 

Dietary fiber
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin B 6
Vitamin D
Water and carbs

High in vitamin C
Oranges are a rich source of vitamin C when we have one orange intake. It reduces the risk of colon cancer. As we all know that vitamin C provides us a healthy immune system and makes our bones strong.

Vitamin c reduces high cholesterol levels and reduces stress and depression. By only having an orange in our hand its color and smell make our mood change it is a mood changer. So, it reduces our stress and depression not only it works best for the common cold but also it is a key ingredient concerning DNA. It helps to urge free radicals that cause damage to our DNA.

Antioxidant for glowing skin
oranges are beneficial because of their antioxidant properties. Because of it, our skin gets a glow, and it reduces wrinkles so our skin looks much younger. This benefit is loved by everyone so, it is wise to say that oranges are really tonic for glowing skin.

Fiber is the key for good digestion are present in oranges when intake raw orange help to maintain a healthy weight, constipation and prevent heart diseases Potassium Oranges contain a mineral that is potassium which decreases the risk of stroke and helps to lower blood pressure. It is helpful when your body muscles need proper energy to work smoothly. So potassium not only makes heart activity strong but also prevent forming of kidney stone.

Potassium helps our body cells to perform their functions, such as to get in nutrients and remove waste products. Calcium Orange contain calcium as we need much calcium for our bone to strong and teeth. , so we all get calcium through many vegetables and fruits but taking an orange we get vitamin C and calcium both.

Folate is a vitamin B which we get from oranges. Oranges contain folate which helps us to make new cells and make stable DNA. It is also called folic acid we get easily a package of healthy benefits by orange a day. We can get our body all-round developments as we get a folic acid which protects our vision when we are in our mother's womb. Yes! it is must-have folic acid because pregnant women, and a baby both need it and even it prevents birth defects. It is also essential for the baby's neural tube forming, and it helps us to divide cells and make DNA.

The sugar which is in orange is all-natural. It is good for our health than the sugar we consume through candies. That's why it is good for diabetic people because it keeps our blood sugar level in control. Orange has antioxidants and minerals also rich in natural sugar and water so it's also beneficial for our growth.
Health benefits of oranges

1. Glowing skin -
We get all-natural glowing and healthy skin by consuming raw oranges and Juice. Orange content half a cup of water and as we all know that our body has 70% water so, it fulfills our water needed by naturally. But don't drink orange juice excessively because anything which crosses its limits can cause danger to our health.

2. Stress reliever Oranges smell and its color is very active attractive. Another fact oranges are not only attractive it has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties help to reduce stress and keep us mentally healthy.

3. Orange peels for a mask- 
Orange peels are useful for skin packs. The intake of orange zest reduces skin cancer, it is beneficial against neurodegenerative diseases called Alzheimer's.

4. Good for iron absorption -
Vitamin C which is in oranges helps our body to make collagen, and it makes our body absorb iron to fight diseases like anemia. It helps our blood flow to the brain efficiently.

5. It boosts our immune system to fight with different viruses.

6. It is useful to prevent cancer like skin and colon cancer.

7. Keep our blood pressure in balance and the fiber present in oranges keep our digestion healthy.

8. Vitamin A Oranges contain vitamin A which keeps our eyes healthy. Carotenoid plays a vital role in mucus membrane healthy.


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