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comfrey medicinal uses and home remedie.

  Comfrey medicinal uses and home remedy Comfrey is a shrub that has beautiful flowers and great energy for healing wounds. This plant is rich in allantoin. Because of its healing properties, the plant has been used for 400 years by native Asians and Europeans.  Comfrey on Brocken bone Comfrey medicinal uses are well known. Application of the fresh leaf or root, plant juices, salves, or ointments were powerful at mending minor bruises, all the way in speeding healing of broken bones.  For a wide variety of herbalists today, Comfrey is an absolute must-have as a healer of the musculoskeletal system. pyrrolizidine alkaloids are the main cause of liver-damaging so it's dangerous if taken orally.  Comfrey on muscle pain Topical use is determined to be absolutely safe. Bone, Joint, and Muscle Pain. Traditional herbalists used topical applications on unbroken skin to alleviate pains and aches of the muscles and skeleton. Comfrey useful in ointment  Rosmarinic acid which is used to eat in